Frequently Asked Questions


What is Foundry Guard?

Foundry Guard is a wonderful finish! It is a catalyzed varnish that is meant to protect the wood. It will resist most household spills – it is not meant to be abused, however. No finish is “use-proof.”

Is it normal for wood to contract and expand?

Wood is a natural element of our planet earth. It is a living, breathing product that will expand and contract within its environment. This is perfectly normal and is not a manufacturing defect.

Cleaning Instructions

• Use a damp cloth with water or nonabrasive wood cleaner (Simply Green All Purpose) to clean your table after
use. Simply dry with a towel after.
• You may use lemon oil once or twice a year. Do not use waxed based products or sprays such as Pledge or
similar products.
• Protect your wood from hot items. Use appropriate trivets that do not collect heat such as bamboo, cloth,
etc. You will cause heat rings if left too long on the surface and eventually discolor the wood under the
• Wipe up spills or sweat rings from dishware as soon as possible.

Will my furniture darken?

As your furniture ages it takes on its natural patina. Your furniture may turn darker over time. This is natural due to its exposure to light and time. This is a natural occurrence with solid wood especially more notable with Cherry wood.

Humidity and Heat

If you place your furniture near heating vents, fireplaces, wood stoves or the like it may damage your furniture. This is due to the extreme changes in temperature and humidity. We recommend keeping your home 35- 50% humidity level year-round.


Caring for Middlebury Lamps

Your Middlebury Lamps are easy to care for. Refer to the wood care in Foundry 39 to care for your lamp’s wooden base. As for the pipe and other metal areas dust as you normally do but keep moisture from setting on it.roof.”


We guarantee our pieces for the lifetime of the original owner against any joinery failure, including steel frames, mortise & tenon, dovetailing, panel & frame, tongue & groove, and interlocking corner blocks. At our discretion, we will repair, reimburse the authorized cost of repair or replace any item that is deemed defective during this warranty period. Any damage voids the warranty.le.