Industrial Design for a Greater Purpose.

We are a furniture company with a greater purpose. We make cool furniture that is made to last and we use a portion of our earnings to help disadvantaged school-age children with their everyday needs through our Green Light Initiative.

L-R – Ethan is 17 and finally has a girlfriend. He loves woodworking when he’s not at school. Preston is 11 and is a bit of a nerd because he loves math and sometimes competes in math competitions around Indiana. Tera loves kids and works in our local middle school. She has tolerated Chad for more than 21 years of marriage. Alyna is 19 and a freshman at Bethel College where she’s studying to be a nurse. Chad has A.D.D. and is well aware he married way over his head. He loves playing the drums with The Flashbacks in Michigan…-


At Foundry 39 we make cool stuff – but that’s only the beginning. Here’s why we do it: I was home visiting my dad in Michigan one weekend a couple of years ago. I was in his kitchen raiding the candy drawer when I noticed a miniature lunch tray on his counter. It was a little 5” x 7” tray where on it was a drawing of a chewed-up pencil with the quote, “YOU CANNOT TEACH A HUNGRY CHILD.”I asked my dad about it and he explained to me about a conference he just returned from where the keynote speaker told of how a teacher found a little girl who chewed up a pencil during class one day because she was hungry. I quickly lost interest in the candy drawer and asked for more details. The speaker worked for the Tennessee Dept. of Education and talked about the everyday needs of children that many of us take for granted. When kids don’t have basic needs, like enough food, they struggle to learn in school. It is not a unique situation to Tennessee – the need is virtually everywhere in almost every school.

Our Mission

I took the little lunch tray from the kitchen counter that day and brought it home (sorry, dad). I told the story to my wife, Tera, and our three children. We wanted to try and do something about it. We created the Green Light Initiative as a way to donate to local schools with each sale we make. We started with industrial lamps and are now expanding into furniture to grow the opportunity to support more kids by giving more. Today that little lunch tray sits prominently in my office on a shelf so I can see it and be reminded of why we do what we do. Creating designs and making furniture is a lot of fun and we are blessed to make a living from it! But, making it to help others is what motivates us – it is our greater purpose.


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